About the company

The company "Dziedzic" is present on the market since 1981 as a factory for the production of metal parts. A thorough analysis of the market and customer expectations has led the company to expand production of office chairs . From the beginning the company attaches great role in the process of transition and investment , which led to taking up a position at the forefront of this market segment .


Our company specializes in manufacturing a wide range of chairs, metal furniture and upholstered furniture. Advantages of our products are modern design and high ergonomics . The factory has a processing metal. Successive processes of manufacture and assembly of the finished product , based on the optimal technical solutions using modern machine park. This allows the product in almost 100 % of the elements is made its own production. The company does not avoid the interesting and unusual execution in line with the individual customer .


It has long been trying to make its products were at the highest level and be able to compete with the most innovative products in the world. Products offered by our company are its customers not only in the country but also abroad .


Due to the high quality of the company's products Dziedzic have German TÜV-tested and certificates of compliance COBRABiD - BBC Research Office Certification.


Fulfilling the requirements of the clients , we focus on technology investments and improving logistics services. The company is trying to maximally reduce the time of delivery , and through enhanced management information system , allows you to control the manufacturing process, through which we have constant control over the products and easy access to information which enables meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


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