We spend a large part of our lives at work. And although the professions differ from each other, we often work in a sitting position. Therefore, a comfortable seat or chair is the basis of effective and satisfying work. Taking care of your needs, we offer ergonomically designed armchairs and chairs of DZIEDZIC. We have created specially shaped furniture, providing various shapes and possibilities. We know how to take care of your health and how to improve your work.


Headaches, back problems, shoulder and spine pain, are often
the consequences of improper selection of the armchair or chair. Long work in such adverse conditions may cause health complications. Therefore, taking into account your psychophysical needs, we appropriately shaped our armchairs and chairs. They will allow you a pleasant work. The models perfectly suited to your building will have a positive effect on your mood. Thanks to them, you will feel the tide of vitality. You will discover the energy and passion. Ergonomic armchairs and chairs of DZIEDZIC are the basis of your good mood.


Specially profiled headrest, backrests, armrests and seats in DZIEDZIC products work together so as to lighten up and allow freedom of movement. We used the solutions that will efficiently bring dynamics to your life. We have opened up new areas for you, which provide a smooth movement. Comfortable backrest and armrests allow for more comfortable work on the keyboard, and the appropriate depth and width of the seat will help in maintaining the correct posture. These are the results of our efforts for your satisfaction. The products of DZIEDZIC provide you a strong support.


Thanks to applying the principles of ergonomics in our armchairs and chairs, you can simultaneously work and rest. You will face new opportunities. Thanks to the noticeable comfort you will concentrate on what’s important. Comfort at work will let you achieve better results and improve quality. With it you will feel motivated, energetic and satisfied. In such conditions, work will become a friendly place, where you want to come back. Comfortable armchairs and chairs of DZIEDZIC are the proposal to increase productivity at work.


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